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Genelec F One remote problem

maxal, modified 8 Months ago.

Genelec F One remote problem

Youngling Posts: 0 Join Date: 12/27/20 Recent Posts

Hello, just bought  pair of 8010 + F One. I have the problem with not working Vol Up button, I'll contact to my local dealer with this issue, but I made the sound too quiet and don't know now to reset or fix this situation. Do you have some trick for this?

antong, modified 8 Months ago.

RE: Genelec F One remote problem

Padawan Posts: 76 Join Date: 6/12/20 Recent Posts

Hi, @maxal

Please, try these fixes suggested in the article:

If the controller is still not working properly after that, contact us at for further instructions. Remember to include the serial number of your subwoofer to speed up the process.

Factory service team