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Genelec 8331 Self Noise / Hiss

driedmango, modified 2 Years ago.

Genelec 8331 Self Noise / Hiss

Youngling Posts: 0 Join Date: 2/13/21 Recent Posts

Hi, I recently tried out the 8341. I am using these in the ultra near field (about 1 feet distance). The level of hiss is audible from that distance. It's less with AES than with analog XLR, but it is still audible. The hiss generated with AES inputs is the same as the noise level I get when I turn on the speakers with no other cables connected, so it seems to be the absolute noise floor of the speakers. I am used to passive speakers + amp which generate pretty much no noise at all (maybe 1db at 1cm or something extremely low), and I have never gotten used to active monitors due to the high noise floors.

According to the Genelec specs 8341 have 3db of self noise at 1m, whereas the 8331s are rated 0db at 1m. Are these self-noise ratings mainly based on white noise hiss level from tweeter? 

If so, according to standard SPL calculator, 3db at 1m is the same as 14db at 0.3m.

So I'm wondering, how much quieter is 8331 compared to the 8341 in terms of hiss. Is it 3db lower at the same distance, so 11db at 0.3m (1 feet?). Or is the difference between the 8331 and 8341 much larger?

If it's much lower than the 8341 then I would definitely consider the 8331s as I can't really find passive speakers with this kind of form factor with comparable output in a point source design.


davidy, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Genelec 8331 Self Noise / Hiss

Youngling Posts: 14 Join Date: 5/8/20 Recent Posts

Very timely - I am also very interested in this, as I'm considering getting 8331s for < 1m listening distance at my desk. I currently have 8351A in this spot (borrowed from another location in my house), and the idle hiss and hum (even unplugged from sources) is far too loud at this distance. For 8351A it's listed as <= 5db according to its spec page. It's exciting that the 8331A is <= 0 db according to its page. Is that spec correct? Is it noticeable at <1m by anyone here who has one? There are a lot of options for active monitors at this close distance so I wouldn't want to go with the 8331 unless they're actually essentially silent while idle.

davidy, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Genelec 8331 Self Noise / Hiss

Youngling Posts: 14 Join Date: 5/8/20 Recent Posts

Answering my own question, since my 8331s just arrived a couple weeks ago! To recap, I had 8351A's (the discontinued model, new is B) on my computer desk, about 1m from listening distance. The 8351A's are destined for a TV / movie area elsewhere but I was using them on my desk temporarily during a remodel. The 8351A's hiss was audible at the 1m distance. They were also somewhat comically oversized for my particular office desk. However, the 8331A's are perfect, especially paired with the 7350A subwoofer. No hiss from the 8331A's. And perfect size! Couldn't be happier with these.

mirbg, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: Genelec 8331 Self Noise / Hiss

Youngling Posts: 4 Join Date: 4/30/21 Recent Posts

Bad power cords. Supra Lorad MKII solved my hiss/humm problems completely.