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Genelec sub connection to Preamp 5.1

hifinewb, modified 6 Months ago.

Genelec sub connection to Preamp 5.1

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I'm building 5.1 home theater setup and I currently have Genelec F One (A) and Genelec 1091A sitting around.

I recently bought Canton Smart 5.1 preamp since I'm about to upgrade from 2.1 --> 5.1.


What would be the correct cable & connection setup to get the wither Sub working correctly, since there is no simple one cable plug on them like speakers?


Thanks in advance and apologies for possibly stupid question :)

tedkron, modified 5 Months ago.

RE: Genelec sub connection to Preamp 5.1

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I have the Canton Smart Connect 5.1 and it works pretty great with the analog Genelec interconnectivity. Looking in the operating manual of the 1091A under "Subwoofer in consumer Surround Sound" it seems to be able to take line input from a preamp directly (

You just need a standard RCA to XLR connector, where the RCA pin is connected to XLR pin 2, and the RCA sleeve is connected to XLR pins 1 (ground) and 3 (cold). If you leave the XLR shield unconnected (as is often recommended for making pseudo-balanced cabling) your might get a lot of output noise and hum. 

Good luck!

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