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Best Sewing Machine Brands for Sewing Novices

jameswalton, modified 4 Months ago.

Best Sewing Machine Brands for Sewing Novices

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Best Sewing Machine Brands for Sewing Novices

Many brands in the market manufacture sewing machines with various features. Some sewing machines have designs that are suited for experts, while others have a simplistic design which is better for beginners. But what does a beginner sewing machine from each brand look like in terms of features and accessories?

Beginners tend to get overwhelmed and confused by all the brands and features. This article will give you insights of top rated sewing machines for beginners from all the reputed brands. Hopefully, it will help you avoid frustration and confusion when choosing a sewing machine. 

A Few Things To Notice Before Moving Ahead

It is crucial to make an educated decision when buying a sewing machine. Buying a sewing machine that you are comfortable with will help you learn quickly and enjoy it. As a beginner, you would want to buy a sewing machine that has the following features:

-Simplicity of use


-Convenience features


Most people have no idea how to buy sewing machine for beginners or which brand to buy. Below is the list of the most popular sewing machine brands. 


Singer manufactures sewing machines for customers belonging to all levels of expertise. Singer sewing machines are both durable and functionally extensive. Some models are:

-Singer 4411 sewing machine

-Singer 3232 sewing machine

-Singer 7258 sewing machine

What Makes These Models Perfect for Beginners?

These sewing machines have many convenient features to aid beginners. They have built-in stitches ranging from 11 to 100. They also include an automatic needle threader, thread cutter, easy buttonholes, and presser feet. These machines are also lightweight (12 to 14 pounds) and portable.


Brother is one of the leading sewing machine brands that manufacture machines for an extensive customer base. Brother combines ease of use along with convenient features and affordability. The best brother sewing machines for beginners include:

-Brother XM2701 sewing machine

-Brother CS7000X sewing machine

-Brother XR3774 sewing machine

You can rely on these devices to tackle your sewing tasks with precision and convenience. There are many sites offering beginner sewing machine reviews for these models. CraftsSelection gives immense details about their features. 

What Makes These Models Perfect for Beginners?

These sewing machines from Brother are elegant, feature savvy, and easy to use. Brother XM2701 has the most beginner-friendly features. These features include 27 built-in stitches, an automatic buttonhole, and easy bobbin windings. 

Brother CS7000X is a computerized sewing machine. It is easier to use than mechanical sewing machines. Brother XR3774 is also an affordable, feature-savvy, and portable sewing machine.


Janome designs and manufactures sewing machines for high-end performance. Janome sewing machines are durable, easy to work on and provide quality stitching. Janome sewing machines are more expensive than other brands, but they offer more quality and durability. Some starter sewing machine models from Janome are as follows:

-Janome 2212 sewing machine

-Janome 8077 sewing machine

-Janome HD3000 sewing machine

What Makes These Models Perfect for Beginners?

Janome sewing machines for beginners are feature-packed with ease of use. They have convenient features like built-in stitches, automatic needle threaders, easy bobbin windings, and heavy-duty frames. Janome 8077 is a computerized sewing machine that is easier to use than its mechanical counterparts. 


After completing this post, you are on the stage to hunt your favorite sewing machine with ease. The three brands listed above manufacture top sewing machines for beginners and combine all the features you can require in a sewing machine as a sewing novice. Visit the CraftsSelection website to know more about these and a few other best budget options available on the market.