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Sonarworks good idea with The Ones?

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Sonarworks good idea with The Ones?

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I have a set of 8341s tuned with GLM4 and I also used to profile them in Sonarwork's Reference4. I'm not sure if this is advisable, it it's not just say so.

It used to work fine, I also have a set of Yamaha HS7s and a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro that I profiled in Reference4.

Then I got a free upgrade to Sonarwork's SoundID and I can't profile the Genelecs anymore. Any advice?

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RE: Sonarworks good idea with The Ones?

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You can do either. And you can adjust either to your liking.
Main difference between Sonarworks and GLM is, that Genelec doesn't boost any frequencies.
Boosting looses headroom and you can't fill a null in the room response anyway.
But you'll find people who'll prefer a bit of boosting and if you don't need all the headroom, that's fine too.
I only use GLM, I keep GLM profile as they are for my work setups, but will reduce what GLM does for pleasure systems, making them a bit phatter.