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What's the best way to connect the 8351Bs for optimal sound quality?

camilo, modified 2 Years ago.

What's the best way to connect the 8351Bs for optimal sound quality?

Youngling Posts: 0 Join Date: 5/17/21 Recent Posts

Hi there,


I am getting a pair of 8351Bs for listening at home. I own a Benchmark DAC2 DX ( that I hook up my Sennheiser HD 800s to, which is connected to a Macmini via USB, that is in turn connected to my TV via HDMI.

My Benchmark DAC2 has both analogue XLR outputs and an optional digital passthrough that handles USB, optical and coaxial.I'm pretty sure the DAC2 delivers a clean signal in both ways, but considering that the 8351Bs have their own internal AD/DA processing, I'm not sure if there will be any audible differences or if one signal is more advised than the other.

I plan to use them without connection to my computer once they are callibrated, so I'd also appreciate any advice on the optimal volume control option. I really want to keep this rather minimal setup that I use as my media system, but I am open to suggestions that can offer improvement. 

Many thanks in advance for any recommendations. 


janne-koo, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: What's the best way to connect the 8351Bs for optimal sound quality?

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I'd demote the DAC to a signal switch and USB DDC (ie. use that digital output option), controlling volume via the GLM network and The Wired Knob (power the brain with any USB brick).

The choice of a Genelec SAM system is a cold one, it implies transcending from the HiFi world to a different, more logical realm. Take everything unnecessary out of the loop and you'll be feeding the monitors with the exact same bits the producer released; No unnecessary conversions, no noise, no need for any headroom, less cabling.

If you have DSD or other incompatible material, wire the analog route too and find a convenient way to kill the digital signal completely, then the input will switch if it's stored as auto. Analogue stuff will be converted (goodbye DSD), but at least the pieces can then be listened to.