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Surround speaker recommendation

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Surround speaker recommendation

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I own three 8361s that I use for music listening and home theater (mainly music listening though). My surrounds are currently THX Ultra certified In walls. Main listening seat is approximately 3 meters from the front speakers. My processor has Dirac Live. Room size is approximately 82 cubic meters (2900 cubic feet). I am thinking of going to Genelecs for the sides (approximately two meters away) and rears (4.5 meters behind the main listening chair). I have two rows of seats, but the rear row is rarely used.

I would like to use GLM for the new speakers. My question is would something like 8330s be sufficient? I occasionally like to listen to movie peaks around 100db. I do have dual HSU research sealed subs in each of the front corners for LFE and surround low end duties. Thanks for any help on this. 

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RE: Surround speaker recommendation

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Check here for distances- dbs: What do yo think about subwoffers? Your room is medium to large volume.