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New interface for 8350A

manjigo, modified 2 Months ago.

New interface for 8350A

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Hi! I am about to get a new interface for my 8350A’s. I am looking into the RME Fireface 802, since I have a couple of stereo synths I need a lot of inputs. 

The question is if I should use the analog inputs or AES digital from the AES connectors on the fireface.

I know the benefits from AES will bee less conversion, but can I really hear it?

The reason I ask is because I have a pair of really high quality VOVOX link protect balanced and shielded cables that I use now, and would like to use with analog outputs on the fireface going to analog on 8350A. If I go with AES, I need 110ohm cables and have to forget about the vovox shielded I already have.


what would you do? And is it safe to buy a RME interface that had been on the market already 6 years? I want to have a professional setup, without going into the high end (overpriced segment) too much.


thank you!

lukester, modified 2 Months ago.

RE: New interface for 8350A

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Another advantage of using AES is a much lower noise floor on the speakers.
I wouldn't worry about the age of the RME unit much, just about whether the price is justified for your needs.
And for AES you'll need a Genelec 9310 GLM volume knob, is  cheap and very, very good.
And sorry about your fancy cable, but this is not the primary concern.