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GLM 4.1 level preset & USB controller issues...

mana, modified 2 Months ago.

GLM 4.1 level preset & USB controller issues...

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Updated to 4.1, few questions:

It seems that I can not release a level preset after I have activated it (previously those could be toggled on and off by clicking the preset)?

Also, previously, I could change the master level via the USB controller without it interfering with the chosen/active preset? Enabling (or disabling) the USB controller from Setup has no effect on this.

If I use the USB controller the volume jumps to whatever level the USB controller has and that can be hella annoying as you can not see what the level is because it tracks the level preset chosen. It would be great if it would function as it did in the previous versions, as in, have those presets as temporary overrides to the master level set with the USB controller or the master level fader (and have that level always visible).