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local autocal not working

pauln, modified 2 Months ago.

local autocal not working

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Hello...I have tried to run local autocal on my 8331' fails with this message...Local Calibration Failure    Undefined Function  'audioVideo.internal.AbsolutePathForR for input arguments of type 'char'...this message appears after sweep...any ideas on how to overcome this problem...i need to run the 31's in a place void of internet connection....thanks...

mans, modified 2 Months ago.

RE: local autocal not working

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Hi Pauln, did you manually installed the local autocal files ? I seem to remember that Local Autocal requires additional files since GLM4;

If you are running a computer that never has an Internet connection, it is possible to install a local calculation needed for GLM AutoCal system calibration. This should be avoided if possible as the local calibration does not develop and improve automatically as does the standard Genelec Cloud based GLM AutoCal calibration. GLM must installed before installing the local AutoCal. The local AutoCal package does not work without GLM.

The GLM software calibrates and controls Genelec SAM systems. The software can be downloaded at Look for the ‘GLM local AutoCal install package’.