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Are 8020A monitors worth today?

carlosunch, modified 1 Month ago.

Are 8020A monitors worth today?

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Hello, I'm about to join the Genelec family with a 7050B for my home studio.

I'm looking to get another pair of monitors to be able to mix in quadraphonic or 5.1 properly (currently designing sound for A/V installations).

In the local used market there's 2x pairs of 8020A (4 monitors) that I can get for way under 1000€, half the cost of getting 4 new 8020D monitors.

All four 8020A seem to be in perfect condition, for being minimum 12 years old.


I want to know if the 8020A endures the passage of time in front of the current 8020D model.

I currently have Yahama HS7 which I like but don't love, another affordable option would be to get another pair, with the addition of 7050B that would help to reach the low end. Any thoughts?


Thank you!