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Hey, so I'm used to use simple wiring straight from my mixer> to pc and old Genelec 1018A monitors ...
NOW the game is changing radically when I got my self a pair of 8330 monitors and 7350 subwoofer.

I would like to set these up in a way to use the 8330 (+7350) digitally and the 1018 analogically as a reference monitors.

- does this even make any sense to set up like this? Not sure, but since I've got the possibility now to wire up in this way, I thought it could be interesting to try. 


I've got the Zoom L-12 digital mixer with master (xlr) and monitor (6,3mm) outputs. 

I also got this pre-amp (YAMAHA music cast WXC-50) - I'm wondering if it's useful in between - I guess it could be, to listen music via bluetooth from my phone when not making music.


Now, can somebody help me figure out all the wiring that i need for optimal use of these babies? 

Very greatful for your help,