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8331A + 7350A vs 8351B without sub?

scoox, modified 2 Years ago.

8331A + 7350A vs 8351B without sub?

Youngling Posts: 8 Join Date: 1/17/21 Recent Posts

I need help deciding between two options:

Option 1: Genelec 8331A + 7350 Sub

Option 2: Genelec 8351B (no sub)

I can afford either set-up but Option 1 comes out about 1,000 Euro cheaper.


7350A: -6 dB 22 Hz - 160 Hz | ±3 dB 25 Hz - 150 Hz | Max SPL: 104 dB

8331A: -6 dB 45 Hz - 37 kHz | ±1.5 dB 58 Hz - 20 kHz | Cross-overs: 500 Hz, 3000 Hz | Max SPL: 104 dB

8351B: -6 dB 32 Hz - 43 kHz | ±1.5 dB 38 Hz - 20 kHz | Cross-overs: 320 Hz, 2800 Hz | Max SPL: 113 dB

The appeal of 8331A+sub are its lower cost and the extended bass response. The 8331A monitors would also be easier to carry around should I ever need to work on-location (assuming I don't bring the sub).

The appeal of the 8351B is the simpler set-up as I might get away without a sub, and the higher max SPL though I'm not convinced that's going to make any difference in my small-ish room (LxWxH = 3.85 x 3.15 x 2.80 metres), in fact I doubt I'd be maxing out the 8331A.

Which option would you say will give me the best results? Thanks in advance.

costakis, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: 8331A + 7350A vs 8351B without sub?

Padawan Posts: 76 Join Date: 2/13/19 Recent Posts

What's the listening distance? Supposing that is near-field:

Option 1 is the complete choice for full-range monitoring. Especially if you buy the GLM and one more 7350 to give you a more comfortable result :) 

The Option 2 in not complete. It would be with the addition of sub. It would be also better if it was for mid-field use. 

According to the measurements provided by Genelec, each of the Ones are fantastic speakers, sounding more or less equall and the difference of them are only limited to the listening distances that one is using them. 

scoox, modified 2 Years ago.

RE: 8331A + 7350A vs 8351B without sub?

Youngling Posts: 8 Join Date: 1/17/21 Recent Posts

Hey sorry for the late reply and thanks for the reply, the forum isn't notifying me of new replies (!?). So if there were two identical rooms (same dimensions, geometry, and acoustic treatment), but in room "A" there was a 8331A + 7350A system while in room "B" there was a 8351B + 7360A system, and both systems playing from the exact speaker positions at the exact same SPL (say 80 dB) and both GLM-calibrated, if I was blind-folded would I be able to tell the difference between the '31s and the '51s systems?

costakis, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: 8331A + 7350A vs 8351B without sub?

Padawan Posts: 76 Join Date: 2/13/19 Recent Posts

There are not two identical rooms :) In reality, there is only your room :) 

Roughly: If the room is not too big (for the bass reproduction), if the listening distance is not too long (for the monitors) and if the requirement for high SPL is moderate then the 8331 combo would be completely competitive. You can see the specifications of both speakers in order to judge. Also, both speakers share the same design principles. This is what I suspect based on the announced measurements and specifications. In reality, the challenge is more complicated. 

In any case, I would prefer the 8331 with sub, rather than the 8351 alone.  Again, I would prefer 7360 than 7350 :)