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GLM 2x8361A or 2x8341B + 2x7350?

fifou-med, modified 1 Year ago.

GLM 2x8361A or 2x8341B + 2x7350?

Youngling Posts: 5 Join Date: 4/16/09 Recent Posts


My Sweet spot is at 2.5m for stereo home listening : should I get GLM and 2x8361A, the visually better and cheapet set-ups :

- 2x8341A + 2x7350? 

- 2x8351B + 2x7350?

- 2x8341A + 1x7360?

- 2x8340A + 2x7350? 

- 2x8350A + 2x7350?

- 2x8340A + 1x7360?


Well, you wee the point. We'll be sat in the armchair and won't move during the listening. 

Something more : at which frequency should i set up the crossovdr between the monitors ans subs to get the best sound?

Should it be <85 Hz, or > 85 to preserve the monitors and let them play more easily?

Should the subs would be set just under each monitor, directly under, or with some vertical space? Pointsource has its advantage, but listening to classical music I love then the scene seems huge (like with big columns speakers) rather than pointy. 

Thanks for your help on these multiple questions, 




mans, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: GLM 2x8361A or 2x8341B + 2x7350?

Youngling Posts: 15 Join Date: 6/26/20 Recent Posts

Great day fifou-med,

Hoping my impression can help you somewhere,

My stereo set-up, hifi listening at 2.9m, 30m2 room, including a pair of 8351B and a pair of 7360 subs;

I started with only 7360 sub, which wasn't powerfull enough to keep up the level of the 8351B.

After adding a second 7360 i'm very happy with the fundaments of the system :-)

So i might guess using 2pcs of the smaller/less powerfull 7350 subs might be lacking somehow.

In case you would go for the older/less powerfull 8351A or the 8341A a pair of 7350 might be a closer match. 

Enjoy !

costakis, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: GLM 2x8361A or 2x8341B + 2x7350?

Padawan Posts: 76 Join Date: 2/13/19 Recent Posts

Hello Philippe, 

What are the dimensions of the room? The required sub is depending on the volume of the room, no matter the distance from the mains. 

In general, the placement of subs must be close to walls and the mains away from them :) See the placement instructions from Genelec. See also the specifications of it's monitors concerning the sound pressure against distance.