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8331A & 7350A vs 8351B & 7360A ?

scoox, modified 2 Years ago.

8331A & 7350A vs 8351B & 7360A ?

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Trying to decide between these two systems. I am assuming the fact that the 8351B has better low-frequency extension doesn't matter if we use subs, since the crossover frequency will be at around 80 Hz and a big chunk of the low-end work is going to be handled by the sub, therefore in theory there is no real benefit between the 8351B and the 8331A in terms of frequency response.

Now, obviously, the 8351B can produce higher SPL, but bear with me. For argument's sake let's assume the monitor stands are permanently attached to the ground at a particular spot and can't be moved. Now let's put a pair of 8331A monitors on those stands, and their subs at the front wall corners. We adjust the volume until we are hitting 85 dB at the listening position. We do a bit of listening, all very nice, and then we remove the 8331As from the stands and replace them with the 8351Bs plus their corresponding 7360A subs also at each corner of the front wall. We adjust the volume until we are getting, again, 85 dB a the listening spot. We listen to the same material on the new bigger system. The question is: If we assume both systems have the same tonal balance (which is a fair assumption since I'll be using GLM), would the listening experience in any way be different with the 8351B? Would I benefit from using the larger monitors?

The constraining factor here is my room which isn't too big (3.93 x 3.23 x 2.83 meters). Due to space constraints, irrespective of which of these two monitors I buy I'm going to have to put them on the same spot anyway, so the listening distance and required SPL are going to be the same. The 8351B has more self-noise and consumes more electrical power. Can you guys tell me why I should get the 8351B system and not the 8331A system? Thanks!