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Genelec 8030 sounds bad?

Tommy Boy, modified 1 Year ago.

Genelec 8030 sounds bad?

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I’m new to the Genelec brand and also this forum so you have to excuse me if this question has been answered before … did a search but didn’t find anything.

I have borrowed a couple of Yamaha HS5 which I will return.
(I’m mixing and producing music and the speaker will only be in my treated/sound proofed room)

After a long research and googling a bought a couple of Genelec 8030’s.

Unfortunately I only received 1 speaker and the other will come within a week or so.

I couldn’t wait so I hooked the one speaker in together with one of the Yamaha speakers.

I was surprised,, not in I good way unfortunately.
The Genelec sounded muffled and really lacked of details compared to the Yamaha, almost like you have a wet blanket over the speaker.

I have an ongoing project which sounds great on the Yamahas but also if I listened to the song in my car, stereo or head phones.

If I would adjust the song to fit the Genelec it would for sure be overly bright.
Also the reverb and room sounds just disappears on the Genelec.


Have any of you experienced this before, am I doing something wrong here?
I have tried the different room adjustment switches but nothing works.
It just baffles me that the Genelec sounds like a 40 buck speaker.


Any ideas?


Thanks …

jani-oksanen, modified 1 Year ago.

RE: Genelec 8030 sounds bad?

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We noticed you reached our support too, so we will include answer here as well:
Thank you for your message; The 8030A has a frequency response range from 58Hz to 20kHz, this is mainly due to the compact size and the smallish bass driver due to the size of the speaker. The 8030 is probably our most popular model, so there might be some other reasons why the bass is lacking. Please make sure that phasing is coherent, the most usual reason is that one of the audio cables is defect. Try to disconnect one of the speakers, does this result in higher bass output from only a single speaker? This way you can check if the cabling causes phase reverse that usually results in severe bass attenuation. You could anyway, just as additional information, tell a bit more how you have connected the speakers and what audio source and cabling you are using. The dip switches only reduce either bass or high frequencies, therefore they will not solve the problem. 
Another aspect worth paying attention to, is the placement of the speakers in the room. Placing the speakers between 1 to 2 meters away from the back wall can cause lack of bass in the listening position. This is due to a so called back wall cancellation, please scroll down to  "Wall Reflections and Cancellations" from the link below for a more detailed explanation of this phenomena:
The solution can in this case be an added subwoofer, or better positioning for the speakers in room.