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Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

gunther, modified 6 Years ago.

Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 5/5/17 Recent Posts
Is there plans to re-establish larger subwoofer models than 7370? How do you recommend 123x -monitoring customers in need of GLM-controllable low frequency SPL-support/bass management to solve their issue, if truck load of 7370s is not practical solution? I think your current subwoofer line-up is a little bit light side inclined what comes to bass reinforcement and SAM Master product family... :?:
manutal, modified 6 Years ago.

Re: Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

Jedi Knight Posts: 180 Join Date: 4/25/14 Recent Posts
7271 might be one but I guess there is a 7371 in the making? Not sure :)
The 7370 are pretty good though imho, I have 1238A and 1238AC as front and an atmos setup with 8351 and 2x 7370 + one 7360. The two 7370 are enough though for my small room (290x360x290mm height).
ilkka-rissanen, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts
Thank you for the feedback, we will resolve this problem soon! :)
stefan75, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

Youngling Posts: 16 Join Date: 3/18/17 Recent Posts
please hurry wink
stefan75, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

Youngling Posts: 16 Join Date: 3/18/17 Recent Posts
Ilkka Rissanen:
Thank you for the feedback, we will resolve this problem soon! :)

Any update on this... features/date?


jani-oksanen, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Bigger SAM-subwoofers?

Jedi Master Posts: 449 Join Date: 3/30/17 Recent Posts

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately we can't share this kind of information. Please keep following our website and our social media for new models or upgrades. wink

Best Regards,
Jani Oksanen
Factory Service Team