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Cabling of SAM sub

svart-hvitt, modified 5 Years ago.

Cabling of SAM sub

Padawan Posts: 35 Join Date: 5/6/16 Recent Posts
In the user manual it's recommended that the source digital AES-EBU signal goes into 7360a/7370a sub before it's passed through to SAM speakers (for example 8351a).

However, the GLM and overall audio setup works perfectly well if you route the source digital signal from the SAM monitor (say 8351a) to the sub as well.

So I wondered if you can route the AES-EBU signal any way you want with the Genelec speaker system, i.e. treating subs and monitors in the exact same way.

Or does the sub has a special role as the first speaker you should route digital signals through?

Will the audio and DSP be harmed in any way if you route the AES-EBU cable to the SAM monitor before it's passed through to the SAM sub?

In other words, what is the best chain, a or b?

(a) AES-EBU box => SAM monitor (8351a) => SAM sub (7370a)
(b) AES-EBU box => SAM sub (7370a) => SAM monitor (8351a)
manutal, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: Cabling of SAM sub

Jedi Knight Posts: 180 Join Date: 4/25/14 Recent Posts
It doesnt really matter how you connect it but I would pair the 8351's in the same link and the then the subs together from the other Aes output. The only thing you have to check is the subframes in each link, so that you have both A/B. One 8351 should be A and the other B. Same with the subs. (if you connect his way)
markus-kahelin, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: Cabling of SAM sub

Jedi Knight Posts: 109 Join Date: 3/16/10 Recent Posts

Both options (a) and (b) work equally well, when using 7300-series subwoofers. With Legacy 7200-series the only possible connection is subwoofers first in line, so (a).
svart-hvitt, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: Cabling of SAM sub

Padawan Posts: 35 Join Date: 5/6/16 Recent Posts

thanks for clear answer!

I always thought it should be irrelevant how to connect digital devices.

Though I am not sure if your user manuals are so clear on this?