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legacy monitor 8250A + current subwoofer 7360A matching

jappi, modified 5 Years ago.

legacy monitor 8250A + current subwoofer 7360A matching

Padawan Posts: 36 Join Date: 7/28/16 Recent Posts
Do 73xx subwoofers have full functionality with older 8250A dsp-loudpeakers?

Would 7360A be match for the speakers in terms of output capability?

If GLM-system is used what is the recommended LP-HP frequency for the setup?

If individual correction is used the other monitor has relatively fine response, but other has sharp nulls at 110 and 150 Hz could it/how should this be compensated with single 7360A subwoofer? Room placement is not symmetrical. Other monitor has roughly 1 m distance to side wall and the other 2,5 m. Subwoofer can be placed freely between the monitors.

Thanks for the replies!
markus-kahelin, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: legacy monitor 8250A + current subwoofer 7360A matching

Jedi Knight Posts: 109 Join Date: 3/16/10 Recent Posts

Yes, 7300-series subwoofers have full functionality with 8240A and 8250A, requiring that the monitors have the latest firmware installed. The firmware is supplied with the latest GLM 2.2 version, with integrated installer in the software.

7360A is not a good match with 8250A in terms of performance, the subwoofer can't play equally loud. Better match would be one step bigger 7370A.

Room related cancellations over 100Hz can not be compensated easily with the subwoofer, since the available frequency for the bass management filtering is maximum 100Hz. Best option is to try positioning the speakers in different configuration, trying to maintain as symmetrical placement as possible.
jappi, modified 5 Years ago.

RE: Re: legacy monitor 8250A + current subwoofer 7360A matching

Padawan Posts: 36 Join Date: 7/28/16 Recent Posts

Hi Markus,

how about using two 7360A subs in the front corners below 100 Hz and using the filters in the monitors to correct mid bass region? With two units the output would definitely match 8250A plus the the acoustic response would likely flatten even before using any filter correction.

More symmetrical positioning for monitors unfortunately is a bit tricky subject. I might need to file in an application if you know what I mean... ;)