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8050B monitor hiss

andrei777, modified 6 Years ago.

8050B monitor hiss

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 4/5/17 Recent Posts

I currently own two 8050B monitors, which I have had for about a year now. Just today while sitting quietly in my room I noticed that one of the two monitors now has a slight hissing noise coming from both the tweeter and woofer (hiss from tweeter & deeper interference sound from woofer). I unplugged the XLR cable from the monitor and the hiss remained just as prominent (when plugged back in the hiss did not get louder which leads me to believe it does not have to do with the interface). I can just about hear it sitting 1m away from the monitor. The other monitor, however, remains as quiet as ever even as I put my ear to it. I tried plugging the hissing speaker into a different power source with no change. Its not the end of the world but I am worried there might be something wrong internally with the monitor in which case I would like to have it checked out.

I am looking for any advice on this matter (I tried searching for it previously on this forum and found no definitive answer).

Thank you,
manutal, modified 6 Years ago.

Re: 8050B monitor hiss

Jedi Knight Posts: 180 Join Date: 4/25/14 Recent Posts
I dont think you have to worry about anything being wrong with the monitor.

Do you have any other devices near the hissing monitor, wifi router, computer etc?
Try changing the monitors places with eachother and hear if the hiss is still there. If its stlll there you probably have some electric interference near the hissing monitor. Also make sure the signal cable doesnt go by some other devices that may cause interference.
The analog monitors are somewhat sensitive to other signals, especially near the monitor or the monitors signal cable. Im not sure if the Power cable is as sensitive.
Do you use the same XLR cables for both monitors?
What kind of inputs do you use? And what kind of dac.