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8330 + 7350 benefit of second 7350

macmarty, modified 5 Years ago.

8330 + 7350 benefit of second 7350

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Hello Genelec Community,
I'm running a set of 8330 together with 1 7350 calibrated in my living room.
Really like the sound.
Now as I can get a good deal on another 7350 I'm wondering if or how the sound would benefit of this second sub?
daiyama, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: 8330 + 7350 benefit of second 7350

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This highly depends on your situation in your living room and how you can position the second sub.
If it is more or less symmetrical to your already used sub it will be higher sound level "only".

If you can position the second sub more freely you have the chance, if you have "holes" in your frequency response curve (usually due to cancelation by reflections from wall or ceiling), that you can fill up these holes by positioning the second sub in a way that it helps to minimize these cancalltion effects. But you habe experiment a little bit where the best position is and as you habe a GLM sytem you can check easily the frequency response with different positioning.