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Genelec G Five white floorstands

arekusei, modified 5 Years ago.

Genelec G Five white floorstands

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Good afternoon!

I am looking to buy my second Genelec system - a pair of white G Fives.

However, they have to be mounted on floor stands. Does anyone know if there are any white floor stands strong enough to support the rather heavy G Fives?

Best regards,
sirlennart, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: Genelec G Five white floorstands

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Hello Alexey,
particularly stands in white are rather seldom, at least what my search in the www has revealed. What I've found are stands from G/Stands, particularly made for Genelec 8000 and G Series. Link -> Unfortunately in German language only. Should you require more details where I could be of assistance then just let me know.
tonipetteri, modified 5 Years ago.

Re: Genelec G Five white floorstands

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I was also looking for white stands to my 8260. Something that wouldn't resonate, would be heavy enough and even modular, so that I would be able to adjust the height... but since there hardly isn't any, I got creative.

My solution was to buy two cans of matte whiter spray and get a pair of garden wall stones like this:

They have enough mass with a solid fitting against each other. I put some thin patches of felt cloth between the bricks and some rubber patches underneath, to elevate the whole set few millimeters off the floor. Works solid and looks rock solid - Doesn't cost a thing either ! Here is a picture of the material and outcome.

Its a matter of taste of course, but works great for me. Looks kind of massive, underneath a massive speaker, in a white room. Sorry about the quality of the picture, white surface is bit "Burned out" and doesn't appear quite right. In real life the grainy, uneven matte surface looks even more detailed.
Just pick pair of tiles that suit your needs, there are plenty to choose from :)

morespinach, modified 5 Months ago.

RE: Genelec G Five white floorstands

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That G-stands website doesn't work. Any other white options? Perhaps Dynaudio's white stands meant for Focus XD 20?