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Looking for a hifi replacement in a rather large room

mattvo, modified 7 Years ago.

Looking for a hifi replacement in a rather large room

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 10/7/15 Recent Posts

I currently own B&W 801 series speakers powered by a Quad34/606. These sound absolutely lovely but take up too much space for my liking. I would like to simplify and minimalize my setup and go with active monitors. The room these are in is 6m x 6m and 4m high.
Would the 8050A's or 8040 BPMs given my budget be a good replacement for what I am used to in this type of room?
How is multiple inputs usually handled with these type of active monitors (pre-amplifier)?
These speakers would be primarily used for stereo music and minimal home theatre use.

Kind regards,

1038, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: Looking for a hifi replacement in a rather large room

Jedi Master Posts: 340 Join Date: 4/6/09 Recent Posts
Hi Matthias,

Your room is quite large and your old B&W's are also a large speaker, i don't think that the 8040's would cut it in your room, i'd strongly suggest either 8250's, 8351's or 8260's.

For connectivity yes you simply connect then to your preamp's outputs, or if you are only using one source and go for the SAM range of products, genelec have a wireless remote control accessory which will allow you to connect your source directly to the speakers inputs, either balanced audio or AES/EBU.
ensoniq, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: Looking for a hifi replacement in a rather large room

Padawan Posts: 47 Join Date: 5/30/15 Recent Posts
having 8mx6m room at 3.8 high

I know by experience that you need at minimum the 8260 having the ability to hear fullrange sitting 3, 5m -4 m in front of the speakers. Even 8351 doesnt work , not loud enough , runs into red light too early.