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using GLM 2.0 with USB hub?

nekrophile, modified 6 Years ago.

using GLM 2.0 with USB hub?

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I have my GLM hardware hooked up to an Anker USB 3 hub.

Upon starting up my Mac, the GLM software does not ever see that my speakers are connected. I always have to unplug the USB connection and plug it back in for the speakers to get recognized.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'd drop the hub if it could but I am tight for connections on my system.
essi, modified 6 Years ago.

Re: using GLM 2.0 with USB hub?

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yes i get this all the time with my 8240s always drops out when woken out of sleep mode not to mention weird static that the monitors still have which was meant to be addressed with 1.4 update -_- not only that volume after sticks