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Genelec G Ones + F One or M series with sub for home studio?

jdlquake, modified 8 Years ago.

Genelec G Ones + F One or M series with sub for home studio?

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 7/6/15 Recent Posts
I am looking to buy a studio monitor system for my home music production studio, I make mostly bass heavy genres of music.

I was considering the M040 but noticed that they lack a bit of sub and I would probably need an added sub woofer alongside them. Previously the 7060B, 7070A, 7071A and 7073A were recommended for this, however this pushed the price a bit out of my budget.

The F One and the accompanying G Ones caught my eye. These are marketed as a home entertainment audio solution but how would they compare to the M series? Specifically the M030? For home music production?

What about using the M030 in conjunction with the 7040A? Could this work?

Will Genelec possibly be adding an accompanying sub woofer to the M series in the near future?
christophe-anet, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: Genelec G Ones + F One or M series with sub for home stu

Jedi Knight Posts: 188 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

Thanks for your post. Let's clarify first what models are comparable across the various ranges.
8010 compares with G1 (3 in woofer). 8020 with G2, 8030 with G3, etc.
Now, 8030 compares with G3 and with M030. 8040 compares with G4 and with M040.

So, your selected systems do not compare at all in terms of size, power, SPL, LF cut-off, etc.
However, the smallest systems we make are indeed either the 8010 with 7040 in our Professional product range, or the G1 and F1 in our Home Audio range. They could both work perfectly well for your home music production application. Check their connectivity that are slightly different between the two product ranges.

Now, the M030 will also work perfectly well with the new 7040 subwoofer. That is fine.

And to conclude, we currently have no plan to release a subwoofer specifically for the M Series products. All our LSE-technology subwoofers can be used and combined with the M Series products.

Hope this is useful.
Best regards,