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How come nobody hates digital monitors?

thesky555, modified 6 Years ago.

How come nobody hates digital monitors?

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How come I haven't come across anybody on the internet furiously denouncing the 82xx and 83xx series compared to the all-analogue 80xx series?

So many people discuss different types of digital analogue converters. They debate the chips inside them, their power supplies, their jitter control, dither, op-amps etc. And some audiophiles can’t live without a DAC priced above €5,000. ( ... ware-list/)

There should be SOME people out there of the opinion that Genelec’s 80xx series is great when it is combined with a very special, personal-favorite DAC, but that after built-in DCAs and DACs of less-than-audiophile quality were introduced in the signal path in the later Genelec series something was lost.

I love my old analogue Genelec 8040s. They provide incredible sound quality for the money and the minimal space they need. Yet, everybody seems to agree that the later series are of better quality. Given a bit of experience with the audiophile community, that is decidedly odd.

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Re: How come nobody hates digital monitors?

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I believe the reason why you won't find these things is that the 8200 & 8300 series are for all intents and purposes retain the same sonic signature and performance of their analogue components. My logic is the conversion is so transparent because they know exactly how their speakers sound as an analogue with a given signal. They therefore can create hardware conversion that is tailored to make their speakers perform so well. It's always easier to make things work their best when you control all aspects of it's creation and manufacture. Just my thoughts. Also as far as the audiophile community goes, everyone's hearing is different. No one hears exactly alike.