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Help: 9.1 Auro surround with 8260's

digipete, modified 7 Years ago.

Help: 9.1 Auro surround with 8260's

Padawan Posts: 99 Join Date: 6/18/11 Recent Posts
Looking for practical experience with computer based Auro and/ or Dolby Atmos surround (more than 7.1 channels).
Currently running SAM based 5.1 surround system, as a computer based audiophile, see specs below.

Looking for the most reasonably priced and easily operated solution while maintaining sound quality.
NOT interested in disk spinners and hardware based surround processors unless absolutely necessary.
I do like Thunderbolt for the speed and flexibility

Questions / Considerations

a) AES3 output options - another AFI-1, Lynx AES16 Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis or?
Aware of the usual pro sound cards from Apogee, Lynx, DAD, Metric Halo etc.
12 channel minimum

b) How do I get the Mac to address more than 7.1 channels.

c) Sound files - What software will play more than 7.1 channels.

d) Video files - What software will play more than 7.1 channels with the movie.

e) Sound files - What software will extract more than 7.1 channels from a Bluray pure audio?

f) Video files - What software will extract more than 7.1 channels with the movie from a Bluray?

g) Dolby Atmos - Any software players that can decode this?

Current system:

3 x 8260a fronts
2 x 8350a rear
1 x 7271 Sub
1 x Weiss AFI-1 8-channel firewire to AES3

Software players stereo: iTunes with PureMusic
Software players stereo: Decibel, Audirvana
Software players video: VLC + Macgo Blu-ray player
Extraction software: MKV & DVD-AE
Extraction Hardware: OWC external Bluray drive
Music sources: 2L, Aix

MacBook Pro -> Thunderbolt -> Promise Pegasus2 12TB -> Thunderbolt -> Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock -> Firewire -> Weiss AFI-1 -> 3 x AES3 single wire

Thanks in advance for any and all hints and ideas.

Peter Ring
Aka DigiPete
ilkka-rissanen, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: Help: 9.1 Auro surround with 8260's

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts
Hi Pete,

I would love to help but unfortunately I don't have much knowledge about these. All the recent immersive 3D demos Genelec has done recently, have been made with hardware based surround processors (Auro3D or Dolby Atmos).