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Genelec 8010 & 7050 Crossover Frequency

domtak, modified 6 Years ago.

Genelec 8010 & 7050 Crossover Frequency

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I recently purchased these two models and was wondering about setting the crossover frequency correctly. The 8010's don't have a Bass Roll Off switch (which is referred to in the 7050 manual). I was wondering how the low frequency can be cut on those speakers so the sub works correctly with them.


ilkka-rissanen, modified 6 Years ago.

Re: Genelec 8010 & 7050 Crossover Frequency

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Hi Dominic,

It is true that the 8010's do not have a bass roll-off switch (it can be found on 1029, 2029, 8020 and 8030) but since the 8010 doesn't extend much lower than the crossover to subwoofer is (85 Hz), there isn't need to roll-off the bass, you can use it "flat" with the subwoofer. Of course bass tilt controls should be used according to operating manual. Also remember to adjust the phase and subwoofer roll-off controls (see operating manual for more information).