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Horizontal placement of 8050 or vertical 8040

ecksbocks, modified 7 Years ago.

Horizontal placement of 8050 or vertical 8040

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 2/8/15 Recent Posts

I'm about to replace my 8030:s (LCR) and will, depending on the response i get here, go for 8050 or 8040. I would love to have three 8050, but would like to know if you think it's a bad idea to place the center speaker on the horizontal plane while having L & R vertically placed. The height of the 8050 will block the screen when placed vertical, thats why.

So the way i see it i have three options:

A) LCR 8050 horizontal placement of C.

B) L&R 8050 and a vertical placed 8040. (The reason for this option is that 2-channel use, which is 50%, would be better, hence higher directivity on larger speakers)

C) Three 8040 all vertical placed.

Picture of the current setup. ... 01a4_b.jpg

I'll be using bass management and a crossover at 80hz (thx slopes) the subwoofers are of bass reflex type.

Another question, is there big difference when it comes to directivity between 8040 and 8050? Would you say that the difference is greater or less than between 8030 and 8040? I ask since my room is an untreated livingroom and my guess is that higher directivity would benefit in this environment. SPL is not that important, i'm sure 8040 with four subwoofers would be enough in that regard. Listening distance is 3 meter. Closest sidewall is around 2 meter.

Of course three 8351 would be perfect, but doesn't fit my budget.

Thank you!
1038, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: Horizontal placement of 8050 or vertical 8040

Jedi Master Posts: 340 Join Date: 4/6/09 Recent Posts
My recommendation would be to place the 3 speakers above the TV on a shelf, this will improve your sound quality dramatically....

When designing solutions we typically either use a micro-perf projection screen which allows the speakers to be placed well away from the floor, with a TV we always recommend the 3 speakers above.

Do your self a favour and experiment, just play some simple 2 channel music into the L&R speakers, set spkr size to large in your surround sound processor then turn your subs off. Sit the speakers on anything handy to get them above your TV, at this point it only needs to be safe... and have a listen, you will be amazed at the difference.

This then allows you to run 3 vertical speakers.

Here is a slide i use when training, it shows a Genelec 1032, a 10" 2 way, measured anechoically, and moving the mic vertically, so effectively showing ho the speaker would perform off axis on its side, as you can see there is a massive cancellation at the crossover, this is true for ANY conventional 2 way speaker, the reason is that at the crossover both drivers are doing the same work, so we have 2 point sources, the LF & HF drivers at different distances from the ear.

ecksbocks, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: Horizontal placement of 8050 or vertical 8040

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 2/8/15 Recent Posts
Hi and thanks for the reply.

I am fully aware of shortcomings of the current placement. Placed above the TV also triggers reflections from the ceiling, which in my room does not provide any significant improvement over the current placement, I've tried. Placed above the TV is unfortunately impossible for other reasons.

I'm also aware that the 8000 series, besides from 8351, are not made for horizontal placement. So maybe 8040 would be my best choice here..
jacovn, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: Horizontal placement of 8050 or vertical 8040

Youngling Posts: 14 Join Date: 7/26/14 Recent Posts
I use 3x 8040 in the front behind a AT screen. Very happy with the sound.