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Front wall treatment?

froggy76, modified 8 Years ago.

Front wall treatment?

Youngling Posts: 18 Join Date: 9/9/14 Recent Posts
Hi all,

I currently have a pair of 8020c and f2 sub for our living room.
The front of the speakers is protubing out from the front wall by about 50mm.
The f2 is on the lap eft hand side of the front wall. I will eventually upgrade to a pair of 8330 when they are available
In Australia and saved up a bit more money.
At this stage, the front wall is made of 16mm thick mdf and I am going to cover it with something that looks good and blends into the house.
I have the choice of recycled timber or acoustic treatments such as vicoustics which are really nice looking and effective.
My question is would I be better of covering that front wall with absorbers or diffusers.? I am thinking absorbers such as wave wood absorbers as it looks good and the room has a few large glass doors,windows. Unless diffusers are the way to go, I am unsure. What would I hain/loose with diffusers covering the front wall?
I will be putting the matching bass trap in the opposite side of the room corner, floor to ceiling.
markus-kahelin, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: Front wall treatment?

Jedi Knight Posts: 109 Join Date: 3/16/10 Recent Posts

In general, when the loudspeaker is soffit mounted inside the from wall, there is no real need for acoustic treatment to the wall surface. In fact the wall should be as uniform and solid as possible. The loudspeaker, such as Genelec 8020C has controlled directivity for the high frequencies, and they are projected towards the room. So the front wall only effects to lower frequency range, directing them to the room. Few inches thick treatment, being it absorbent or diffusing, will cause no difference to these, since the wavelength is much bigger.

In your case I would make sure that the wall is free from mechanical resonances and that the cavity behind the loudspeaker is also rigid and of solid material, not letting the pressure to leak behind the wall. You can find more information from this document:

Best Regards, Markus
Genelec Support
froggy76, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: Front wall treatment?

Youngling Posts: 18 Join Date: 9/9/14 Recent Posts
Hi Markus

Thank you very much for the heads up. Very interesting piece of info there you sent me.
My appologies for the late reply, just now managed to jump on the computer to do anything else than work.