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Nasty Clipping 8020B

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Nasty Clipping 8020B

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Dear Genelec Community,

I have a pair of 1020Bs, and they begin clipping quite severely when the output from the RME is at a certain point.
Genelec volume dial is at 12 o clock, playing pink noise, RME output at around -25dBFS: Clipping will begin.

It seems too low for clipping to happen.
Here is a link to a video showing the RME control and the speakers are being close miced if anyone would be kind enough to listen: 1.33mb
also a flac file: 1mb

I've tried changing the interface, issue still occurs, I suspect it's some electrical problem. The power here is 110V and seeing the manual the speakers can accept this, however it is known that Taiwan has poor earthing, could it be this, any ideas?

The pair was bought in the USA and shipped to Taiwan. They were bought around two years ago and for a long time i just thought they could not handle loud levels, but a friend listened and said that these puppies can handle a lot higher outputs.

Apparently to avail of the free support they have to be sent back to the USA which I'd rather not do.

thanks very much for any support,
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Re: Nasty Clipping 8020B

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Turn up the genelec sensitivity to maximum -6dBu, you are clipping the output of your interface not the Genelec amplifier, i don't know why people turn the input sensitivity down.... The only possible reason to do so is to match a second pair of monitors SPL, otherwise, leave it maxed out.