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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum but using Gennies for 5 years now.
So I started out using 8030's and I'm loving them.
Recently I was tempted by a good price on a pair of S30C's and.. WOW!

My only question is why did you ever stop making these?!
They are my favorite speakers right now, the mid and top end is probably the best I've heard.
Actually I heard some of my older mixes on them and immediately heard where my problems are.

So seriously, why didn't you continue the line of these great ribbon technology speakers?

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Re: S30c

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I asked the same mr Anert but no concret answer was returned I find that Genelec s30c is one of the best monitors I tested them with 1037 and 1038 also 1038 sounded very clean without any distorsion but cool and sintetic lacking post tembral warmthy and richnes tipical for s30 c S30 require good acoustic treatment and positioning I used for home hi end not in record studio Genelec s kileed all speaker thath passing thrue my small room Dynaudios cfntour 3.4 5.4 Avalon acoustic , Sonus Faber,Wilson Audio Sofia , Infinity Kappa 90 Kappa 600 Tanoy Arden and PSIAUDIO 17M ,21 M But dont forget they are nearfield monitors max 3m distansce and without bass level bass tilt bass roll of corection in allmost nonreveberated room Im only waried about spare parts because of age

Dont seel Genelecs You will not find better