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Suitable AES/EBU Interface 8250a

sfabs, modified 8 Years ago.

Suitable AES/EBU Interface 8250a

Youngling Posts: 4 Join Date: 11/25/13 Recent Posts

I have a question for other users and the support team

I am looking for a suitable audio interface. I want to use my 8250a's with their AES/EBU digital connection. I am currently using them with the analog connection.

I have a focus rite 24 DSP. It has all the inputs and outputs I need. I only require 2-4 inputs and 2-6 outputs max, really a small scale interface. But I am struggling to find an interface of that spec with aes/EBU outputs... Does anyone have any recommendations?

I was hoping to find something not too expensive as I don't need lots of ins and outs.

I do have an spdif output on the focusrite, I understand you can go from spdif to aes although there are some draw backs??
What do people think, try to configure my spdif to aes or buy a new interface, and if so, what interfaces examples are suitable for my needs?

syndicate, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: Suitable AES/EBU Interface 8250a

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 3/18/15 Recent Posts

This is a great question. Not only because i have the same inquiry but it's great information for anyone who is looking to invest in the 82xx/83xx line of monitors.

I too found out that to get the most out of my 8250s it is best to use AES. That being said my current interface is the RME Babyface. (still unopened and in the box due to my AES concern) I can purchase the HOSA ODL-312 which will convert the spidif to AES but what are these drawbacks? Am i better off purchasing an Interface like the Fireface UCX that has AES I/O? It's a hefty price to pay but i'd rather do it properly from jump.

Are there throughput issues or numbers i should be looking into? Is it worth investing an additional $1000+ to get an AES I/O? Will the monitors performance be impacted converting spdif?

I'd love any input or suggestions as my 8250s will be arriving in the next couple weeks.

Thanks in advance!!
1038, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: Suitable AES/EBU Interface 8250a

Jedi Master Posts: 340 Join Date: 4/6/09 Recent Posts
This has been discussed a few times, this thread should provide some useful information.