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8260A & 7070A+8250A

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8260A & 7070A+8250A

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Hi everyone!
Recently I am considering to buy a mid-field monitor for the sound mixing of my new film.
The size of my room is 7 meter x 5 meter and 2.9 meter height.
I am wondering if I should buy a pair of 8260A or I should get a 7070A with a pair of 8250A. Which combination is better? Moreover, what is the difference between 8260A and 1237A. Which one is better?
And any opinion or review of the new product 8351? Many thanks.
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Re: 8260A & 7070A+8250A

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First, your choice should be between products that match, say:

2 x 8260
2 x 8351
2 x 8250 + 7270

The 7270 is part of the SAM series with DSP, so it takes a digital input and you get the frequency response optimized to linear (or as close as possible).
All combinations will most likely play linear from 20hz up in your size room.

I would choose between the 8351 and the 8260 combination for a room your size.

My own 8260 / 8250 / 7271 setup is fantastic but way bigger than anything i would ever need.
The fantastic coaxial driver was only available in the 8260 back then.
The 8351 would be my first choice today.

You can play with the speaker selection tool, it gives you reasonable bids for combinations of speakers:

Good luck with the choice and the film.

PS. The 1237A is a square box - they are only suitable for building into the wall, especially when you have the awesome 8XXX series to choose from. IMNSHO.
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Re: 8260A & 7070A+8250A

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The coaxial Driver of the 8260 or 8351 is fantastic.
The 8250 is good, but you can't compare it with the 8260. It is far away.
So i would use 8260 or 8351+7270

Gruss Joerg