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SPDIF to AES on 8240 Connection

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SPDIF to AES on 8240 Connection

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I will be connecting my 8240s with an RME UC, which has a SPDIF out that is "AES/EBU" compatible.

Does this mean I just need a cable that is RCA to XLR? Or does it have to say SPDIF to EBU? Do I need anything to convert? I saw some people who mentioned some sort of Mutec box in between but I'm not sure if and why that is necessary.

Then the 2 speakers AES are connected via standard XLR? or is AES cable something else?
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Re: SPDIF to AES on 8240 Connection

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If you keep the cable short you will get away without impedance converters, the one we use at trade shows is less than 2 mtrs.