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Inconsistent Hum Coming from both my 1032A's

jbienstman, modified 9 Years ago.

Inconsistent Hum Coming from both my 1032A's

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 10/20/14 Recent Posts

Searched the forum for similar cases, but none quite match my situation.

I've had my 1032A's for roughly 10years, and recently moved to a new city.
Now, when I turn on my Speakers, without any audio input connected, I sometimes have an seriously audible hum coming from the back (amplifier) of the speaker.
Now the weird thing is, that either they BOTH hum at the same time or they don't (tested without audio input - so I think this is NOT a ground loop).
They can be fine four hours on end, and then suddenly both start humming, sometimes suddenly stop, and then start again...

I've contacted two electrician friends and they at first said my speakers were fried - but after telling that they always have it together, they didn't really know what it could be...
I also recently bought M30's, and they don't have the issue, but are of course much smaller...

I've read about Power Conditioners, and Voltage Regulators and Isolation Transformers, I already bought an APC UPS 1500VA, but that doesn't really seem to "clean" my power (tried to run on battery only, but that produces a mega-hum).
The UPS does give me a view on the mains voltage, that seems to fluctuate regularly - but haven't really been able to match a certain voltage level with the hum... Power Conditioners with voltage regulator are extremely expensive, and honestly outside my budget (4K+€)...

Anybody every heard about such a problem?
ilkka-rissanen, modified 9 Years ago.

Re: Inconsistent Hum Coming from both my 1032A's

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

We have sometimes encountered with a similar problem. It is most probably because of the DC fluctuation in the mains voltage. A DC block device is the cure for that. Please see: ... Itemid=239
jbienstman, modified 9 Years ago.

Re: Inconsistent Hum Coming from both my 1032A's

Youngling Posts: 2 Join Date: 10/20/14 Recent Posts
Thank you for the reply!
Interesting device - will try to get it, check it out, and will post back with the results.