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M030 monitors. Cabinet tops not smooth but rippled.

guitarman, modified 4 Years ago.

M030 monitors. Cabinet tops not smooth but rippled.

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Hi, I recently purchased a pair of M030 monitors in black. I understand from Genelec's own website that there will be surface variations left visible due to the composite material they are made from and the fact they are left unpainted to care for the environment. However the pair I received have ripples and indentations across the tops of the cabinets which can be both seen and felt. Is this normal? I'm not sure. The company I bought them from in the U.K. told me and I quote,

"The cabinets are made of a Moulded resin material which allows them to breath and expand-contract depending on room conditions which can lead to this slight change in appearance."

Is this true? I don't find it particularly plausible as I thought the whole idea of a speaker cabinet was to remain rigid and stable for the best sound reproduction. I've attached a photograph.

Many thanks for any replies.
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Re: M030 monitors. Cabinet tops not smooth but rippled.

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Genelec M-series is designed keeping the environment in mind. The enclosure is made of natural materials, including 50% of wood based fibers. The new material gives us the possibility to eliminate painting from the manufacturing process, resulting visible surface patterns of the natural material. The result is a product with individual look and consistent high quality as you can expect from Genelec. All our products are hand crafted in Finland and inspected carefully before shipment.

Having said that, the explanation given by the dealer is not true.