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8030s plus sub vs. 8040s without

mmcclung, modified 7 Years ago.

8030s plus sub vs. 8040s without

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Need a recommendation for home studio.

Room is small (13'X10'), has acoustic treatments on parallel surfaces, is used for overdubs and mix playback.

Based on the size, I will have to ceiling or wall mount monitors (I think ceiling will give me greater separation), but wanted an opinion on larger monitors without subwoofer vs smaller ones with subwoofer.
ilkka-rissanen, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: 8030s plus sub vs. 8040s without

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8030 and 8040 are so similar to each other that the comparison isn't really valid there. 8020 with a subwoofer vs. 8040 would be a better match. I would go with larger monitors because it's producing most of the audible bandwidth and is therefore more important than a subwoofer.