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Extra bass with smaller speakers

bob-s, modified 7 Years ago.

Extra bass with smaller speakers

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I like to boost the very bottom octave for HT use (perhaps 2-3 dB). I am acquiring a 7070A sub (done deal) and would like to conciser paring it with two 8030s (for an initial test) and five 8030s as a final system.

I currently have 8020 and 8010 and my impression is (other than obvious volume differences) is that there is more clarity (for my older ears) in the mid-range with smaller speakers. For this reason alone I am thinking that using 8030 as opposed to 8040s might be best for my application.

I suppose I could buy a pair of 8030s and and use them as the rears if they don't work out as hoped but I still wont know if the mid range of the 8040 would be as good, if not better, for my use. Any input here would be very helpful.
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Re: Extra bass with smaller speakers

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it can't be directly said that smaller speaker have more clarity in the midrange. Typically it is due to the fact that smaller speakers have more limited bass output, in both extension and output capability, which slightly emphasises the midrange. You should definitely have a demo listening session between 8030 and 8040 before you make up your mind.