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Do DSP Series Genelecs need a DAC?

thinjointmortar, modified 7 Years ago.

Do DSP Series Genelecs need a DAC?

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I was thinking, do the Genelec 12xx and 82xx series actually suffer from using a DAC since the signal has to get converted two times? I thought so until I saw pics of your 2014 High End Munchen 1238A setup with a separate DAC.

How good is the DAC in, say, 8250? Is the DAC same in all of your DSP speakers? How good (=expensive) should the outboard DAC be before it is recommended with these speakers? I know the DAC you used with 1238A is very expensive.

Thanks for the info.
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Re: Do DSP Series Genelecs need a DAC?

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Our DSP series speakers do not need a DAC because they can also accept digital AES/EBU signal. If you afraid that it might alter the sound quality, a digital connection should be used instead. Sometimes it is more convenient to use a DAC during trade shows for example because of volume control. We use very high quality DACs inside our speakers which do not subjectively change the audio quality. It is impossible to say what kind of outboard DAC should be used because there are hundreds of different options available and I am not sure if the price always directly correlates with the quality.