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Should I get the M030s or the M040s?

woodybox123, modified 7 Years ago.

Should I get the M030s or the M040s?

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Hi fellow Genny fans,

Firstly sorry to be that guy, coming here with 1 post asking for advice, but I figured Genelec fans/users would be able to help out.

Anyway- I'm currently upgrading my home music production setup and am looking to get either the M030 or the M040s, but am not sure which is best for my needs. The room is in an apartment block and isn't treated, nor will it be. I can't really crank anything at huge volumes due to neighbours. However, I've read in a variety of places that the 5" woofer in the M030 won't be big enough to represent the bass correctly - is that true?

I'll be doing a lot of my mixing (unfortunately) on my cans (Focal Spirit Pros) due to noise, if that's relevant.

Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: I should mention that my currents speakers are old generation KRK Rokit 6s.