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Surround Setup

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Surround Setup

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Hello and greetings from Berlin. I am sorry, but I am a surround newby and have some stupid questions. Here is my setup: DAW Cakewalk SONAR with surround projects. Audiointerface is a Roland VS-700R V-Studio. Monitors : 5 x 8030BPM plus 7050B. I have a generall problem with understanding how the whole setup works. Let's say I create a mono audiotrack. For exapmle a stringsound running down all octaves from the highest to the lowest key. I am able to control any of the 5 mainspeaker and I can exclude the LFE channel (LFE Send lever = 0, which means that the referring audio out of my interface is zero and shows no signal. Anyway the subwoofer is running all the time, when the signal comes to lower frequency.
There is permanently a bass or better drone running, also if the sensitivity of the 7050 is on 12 dB. If I changed the sensitivity, the signal gets permanently louder. Anyway, it is never off. The bass roll-off is active on all mainspeakers. My question: is this normal? Is this, what I have to expect? Thank you very much for your help!
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Re: Surround Setup

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While I am not sure how have your connected your speaker system to the audio interface, I assume that you first run five channels to subwoofer and from there to each loudspeaker. And maybe you have one extra cable for the LFE channel?

If this is correct, I can explain why hear the subwoofer all the time. It's called bass management which is basically like an active crossover built into the subwoofer which enables a crossover between the main speakers and the subwoofer at 85 Hz. So the subwoofer will produce all bass frequencies below ~85 Hz from each channel + LFE (if you have connected it separately). This is normal behaviour and it how you should connect your system for best possible performance and integration. :)