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Problem with my 8030A monitor

yusaku, modified 7 Years ago.

Problem with my 8030A monitor

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Good morning guys,
for a few years I've had the following problem: the switch to turn on/off the monitor detached on one side. I don't know if a spring broke off or what it may be. The switch is still on, I can still turn on and off but not properly.
It takes a few tries before I can correctly shut it off. It is correctly hooked on the right but not on the left.
Is it a simple problem to solve?
One more thing. A few days ago, supposing it was something mechanic and simple to solve, I tried opening the monitor. What I did was taking off the main four screws but as soon as I realized that it was not an easy task opening the external shell of the monitor, I did not go on and I put the screws back in. The two top screws went back in perfectly, while the bottom ones won't screw back as they are supposed to. They go back in till the end but they simply won't tighten in (I don't have the feeling that they are fastening back in as it would normally happen with a screw). Will this create me any possible problem? I wish to underline once again that I haven't absolutely touched the inside of the monitor neither have I opened it or other operations, I have only unscrewed and screwed back
the four main long screws.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: Problem with my 8030A monitor

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it would seem that the power switch is broken and needs to be replaced. For that the speaker needs to be sent out to our professional service because it requires that the speaker is opened up.

There are four screw towers which are part of the enclosure. They are quite small so it is difficult to make a match with the bolt and the tower. If you miss it, the bolt goes to the bottom but never fastens. I would let the service guys open it up and put back again.

Please contact your local distributor for a service request: