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Help with 8020C (pair) + 7050B

zoom25, modified 9 Years ago.

Help with 8020C (pair) + 7050B

Youngling Posts: 1 Join Date: 2/26/14 Recent Posts
I'm sorry for posting this here. Reason being that the Genelec customer service online form wouldn't accept my submission. I tried different computers and browsers, but still nothing. The page goes blank and doesn't respond after clicking "submit." One of the local dealers I talked to also wasn't fully sure, so hopefully someone here will help out.

I really want to buy this as soon as possible, but just need to be clear. Below is the excerpt.


I'm looking to buy a pair of 8020c as well as a 7050b sub. At the moment I don't have any equipment with XLRs or any kind of preamp capabilities. Both my DAC and CD players only have line outs through either rca or 3.5 mm.

I was browsing through the electrical FAQs and found a way of connecting the line out from the source to the 8020c using unbalanced RCA -> XLR. However I couldn't find anything about using unbalanced connections to the sub. I'm not sure if this is safe or not with regards to perhaps the amplifier in the sub not accepting common grounds or what not.

My plan, until I get a balanced DAC with pre's, is to use my CD player's RCA line out going to the two sub input, using two RCA to 3 pin XLR cable. Then from the sub output, two XLR to XLR going from the sub output to the pair of 8020s. Is this a safe and viable method? The CD player I'm using at the moment is a Marantz CD5004, if that makes any difference regarding the output sensitivity.

Also, I just want a little clarification on the overall volume control of the system. I understand that the 8020s have a knob on each of the monitors so I could use that to control the volume on them. The sub has the +12db to - 6db control at the back. So I am guessing I would use that knob on the sub to control the volume of the sub alone while the volume of the speakers would be controlled through their own knob. Also I'm assuming that in this particular setup without pre's, I would always have to match the speakers volume position by hand.

Also, is there a way to use the monitors only but not the sub, despite having everything go through the sub? Would this be through turning the gain on the sub to -6 dB? This is for late night purposes when I don’t want the sub on.

Any clarifications on this subject would be very appreciated. Thanks.
ilkka-rissanen, modified 9 Years ago.

Re: Help with 8020C (pair) + 7050B

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

It is ok to connect an unbalanced source to speakers or subwoofers, there is no difference there.

Unfortunately you can't connect your CD player directly to subwoofer unless you have a volume control in between. The input gain control on the subwoofer doesn't have enough range to attenuate the very high signal level that the CD player outputs. You will need to have an external volume control in between. The 8020 speakers on the other hand have enough attenuation available so they can be connected directly if needed.

The subwoofer input gain control has the maximum gain at -6 dBu setting (it is read so that a -6 dBu input signal is needed for 100 dB output) and can be attenuated up to +12 dbu. So it isn't a full mute but probably enough for a late night listening session. If you want a full mute, you can power down the subwoofer, the signal is still passed to the speakers. But then you must notice that you are missing frequencies below 85 Hz unless you switch off the 85 Hz bass roll-off dip switch back of each speaker. This switch needs to be on with the subwoofer for good integration.