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1029a sound degrade

parider, modified 7 Years ago.

1029a sound degrade

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I own a pair of 1029a since many years and I have always loved them for the extreme clear an precise sound. I use them only occasionally as reference audio monitors for video postproduction, so they work not so much, about 50-80 hours per year with long periods of inactivity. Recently, after a couple of hours of work as speakers in a small multimedia installation, I have noticed a kind of degradation in clarity, especially in medium/treble areas, more hearable at higher sound level. Both speakers seems to be affected. I have tried to run a sound sweep and there are no problems with the speakers, or strange resonances, vibrations ..... Did anybody experienced the same? Could this problem be due to a degradation of some capacitor on power amplifier or to an overheat of the tweeters ? Thank You.
ilkka-rissanen, modified 7 Years ago.

Re: 1029a sound degrade

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Of course it is possible that some electronic component or one of the drive units has been failed, but it is impossible to be more accurate without more detailed examination. You should contact your local distributor and request a service.