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Between 8020 + 7050 and 8040?

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Between 8020 + 7050 and 8040?

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Hello, I saw it has been covered on the forum a bit but I'm still wondering : I've got the 8020b. Doing electronic bass heavy music I've been happy with these for couple of years but for that critical low/sub range so important to get right I found that I couldn't rely on them so obviously I tend to boost the sub naturally only to realise on bigger system that it's muddy and exaggerated.
Aware of this problem I'd like to have a new system more reliable on these frequencies. My two option with my budget : get a 7050 to complete my setup, or sell my 8020b and buy 8040. Now my home-studio room is about 4m x 2,5m. I'm in an apartment, I don't have neighbors under me, only upstairs and sides (never had problems with my 8020 rocking but obviously 7050 would be an other story). So I'm wondering the troubles of getting a sub vs getting upgraded speakers. Any advice appreciated thanks ;)
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Re: Between 8020 + 7050 and 8040?

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8040 is a better choice,I think. You know simplest is the best.