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Which brand and type (line and power cables) to use?

intgenx, modified 9 Years ago.

Which brand and type (line and power cables) to use?

Youngling Posts: 7 Join Date: 8/8/13 Recent Posts
Cables are where the most mis-information is floating around...I'm really not sure which ones to go for...and need your help.

My processer is a Motu Ultralite Mk3 (Hybrid) used as a USB DAC outputs are balanced 1/4" TRS.
I intend to use Amphenol ACPS-GB-AU for the TRS plugs.

My speakers are Neumann KH310 for mains and Genelec 8040 fr surrounds. My subwoofer is still not decided. I intend to use Neutrik XLR connectors.

I'm based in India and my locally available cable brands choices are:
Belden (USA)
Mogami (USA)
Klotz (Germany)
Sommer (Germany)
Eurocable (Italy)
ProEl (Italy)

Which of these are highly recommended for use with Genelec active speakers?

Some factors I've been advised to consider:
1. OFC: Oxygen Free Copper vs Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper
2. Thickness/strands: What is the thickness and number of strands of the core I should be looking for?
3. Shield: How will I know if it has adequate shield? Which published spec would identify that?
4. What capacitance? Impedance?
5. Whether the cables are rated for AES/EBU: If price is not a factor - I'm being told AES/EBU rated cables are desgined for low signal loss and so should be better even for analog signals? How true is this?
6. Mic vs Line: Is there any difference between mic cables and balanced line cables?
I'm guessing line cables cannot be used for mic level signals but mic cables can be used for line level signals?
Is using balanced mic cables going to be better in any way than balanced line cables?
7. Cables that can carry both power and signals... using a 4 core wire... (2 cores to carry signal and 2 cores to carry power, 2 cores to the speakers will be terminated with XLR connectors and the 2 cores to the power will be with the appropriate power jacks) - What are the demerits of sending both analog signal and power in the same cable - albeit through different cores? Such as the Klotz Digital+Power hybrid cables. ... 2004g&ls=e
Klotz - HD01PC15
can this be used... for analog signals without any interference / noise?

Anything else I should know or consider?

I'd like to get some help from forum members/moderators on the above questions and in general which cables do you guys use and which offer the best price/performance.

Thanks in advance for all responses...
ilkka-rissanen, modified 9 Years ago.

Re: Which brand and type (line and power cables) to use?

Yoda Posts: 2564 Join Date: 3/23/09 Recent Posts

Genelec does not have any preference to any cable brand. All the brands you mention produce good quality cables.

1. No preference.
2. No preference.
3. All good quality cables have adequate shielding.
4. 75 ohms for analogue signal, 110 ohms for AES/EBU signal.
5. I have not heard of this.
6. No difference, both are made for line level signals.
7. You can use hybrid cables without any problems.