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Genelec 7050b with 8020C. Volume setting for studio work ?

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Genelec 7050b with 8020C. Volume setting for studio work ?

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Default factory setting for both of their models is max. (7050B = -6 dBu and 8020C = max volume control)

Is it right setting If I need correct sound for music production\studio mastering?

Now I listening it in 4x4 meter room and sub actually works just a little bit at normal for me sound pressure. If it's right setting (max position on both models) I probably don't need a sub or I need a bigger room...

I have also 5040A subwoofer, but I'm worried about compatibility with 8020. Yes, I read this forum and read about 8020 may be use with 5040 If make volume position on 8020 straight up (0 dBu). But I was surprised when I saw 8020s working even if 7050 subwoofer off. I liked it.
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Re: Genelec 7050b with 8020C. Volume setting for studio work

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Due to room loading, typical gain setting for subwoofer is around 0 - -2 dBu. But for best possible result, system calibration should be done by measuring the acoustical frequency response in the room. Also phase and bass roll-off settings should be set during calibration.

8020 can be used with 5040 subwofer noticing the different default gain settings. 8020 speakers should be attenuated by around 10 dB. This can be achieved by setting the gain trimmers to 12 o'clock position. Naturally phase and bass roll-off controls should be optimized after level calibration.