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New DSP 2.1 Setup In Mono? - Dip switch?

mackcovski, modified 8 Years ago.

New DSP 2.1 Setup In Mono? - Dip switch?

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Hi everyone,
Hoping for a quick fix here. I just set up my new 2.1 monitors 7260A and 2 x 8240A and it appears I am getting
mono only. (as i can pan a signal from the desk hard left an hard righ and get no change in the volume of either monitor) The cabling is good, GLM runs fine - finding all monitors, Autocal runs fine and appears to be doing its job.

The setup wizard runs fine and I select the appropriate cabling preset -I am sure it comes down to the dip switch settings on the back of the monitors. On page 24 (and further) of the manual it talks about subframe A and B. I get that and I am using the correct AESEBU cables supplied by the retailer. To the Sub , out to the 8240 thru to the second 8240 But it doesn't say - or I cant find where it says whether GLM or I have to make the selection on the back of the monitors.

What Am I missing?

digipete, modified 8 Years ago.

Re: New DSP 2.1 Setup In Mono? - Dip switch?

Padawan Posts: 99 Join Date: 6/18/11 Recent Posts
Are you sure your sound card is running single wire as it should and not dual wire.
Alternatively connect speakers individually with each their AES/EBU cable.
ilkka-rissanen, modified 4 Years ago.

Re: New DSP 2.1 Setup In Mono? - Dip switch?

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It's not about dip switches because all controls are done through GLM. Only the first dip on second row should be on to save the settings to the speakers.

You should open acoustical settings editor in GLM and look for "Force input/Solo". Other speaker should read "Digital A" and the other "Digital B", referring to AES/EBU subframes. You can't change the setting there, though, you have to do it during GLM setup, cabling wizard.