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2.1 Setup Using 8020B's & 5070B - Cabling Issue

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2.1 Setup Using 8020B's & 5070B - Cabling Issue

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I recently purchased a pair of 8020B's to replace a pair of KRK VXT6's for use in a small, acoustically treated, home studio. Love the new Genelecs but miss the lower frequencies the larger 6" KRK's produced.

I have ordered a 5070B Active Sub (not yet received) to fill in the missing lows but after downloading the 5070B's Operations Manual I'm confused as to how to make this particular combination work in a 2.1 setup with 8020B's.

The manual only provides specific instruction on to create a 2.1 configuration using the Balanced Output (pass through) of the 8020A monitors. As most of you probably know the Balanced Out XLR connector on the 8020A was replace by a power switch on the "B" and "C" series models of the 8020.

So, my questions: Will the 8020B/8020C monitors work with the 5070B in a 2.1 configuration and, if so, what is the proper way to connect the cables.

FYI: My audio interface in an Apogee Quartet that has 6 analog outs that can be used to alternate between 3 separate 2.0 monitors setups, or a single 5.1 setup. I hope to add 3 additional 8020B's to create a 5.1 system in the future but would like to get the 2.1 setup working first. Thank you!
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Re: 2.1 Setup Using 8020B's & 5070B - Cabling Issue

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As described in the manual (page 2, "Installation"‎), the subwoofer has 5 pairs of INPUT/OUTPUT connectors which should be used to route the signal from the source to the speakers. This will have exactly the same end result as routing through the speakers with 8020A models. Of course remember to engage the 85 Hz roll-off dip on the speakers.